Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Circus of Genders

A Circus of Genders

Yes, I mean it. Seriously. Have you stopped to consider which of the many genders you belong to? Take your pick. What will be your pleasure? Like wine or whisky. I know and am quite aware of the fact that different sexual orientations have been around in the past. Well known people in history, and even in more recent times, from all walks of life have had same- sex liaisons and attachments and got on with life. But that’s just what I mean. They were attachments. Two people bonded irrespective of sex. Perhaps one can even claim that they had spiritual connections. The mind and emotions played a part.

 What I see around me these days is a circus of genders. Not very long ago, homosexuals were not called ‘gay’ as they are now. They accepted their tag of ‘queer’. I think that word said it all. It’s such a pity that the lovely word ‘gay’ which can raise thoughts of happiness and being carefree should be applied to them. In the past, people sniggered a bit when they saw two men walking down the street together---maybe arm in arm. But that was their business---and as I said maybe they had a lot in common. Nowadays, as I look around me I find it’s a fad----perhaps a queer one, but it’s a way of attracting notice. It’s a way of stating that you’re ‘different’ from the chap on the street.

Ipsita Roy Chakraverti
A bright young man once told me that he had turned ‘gay’ ever since he discovered that his boss was that way. The problem arose when his rich girlfriend ditched him. He was willing to please both but she objected. I asked him what sex he really was. My lovelies, that’s a darned awkward question to ask but he wanted my advice. His answer after a bit of thought, was that he felt he was bisexual! My. My. Isn’t one greedy? Swinging both ways. He said his being ‘gay’’ had paid dividends at office. But when he told his girl, she blew her lid. She asked him how he would like it if she ’made out’ with another girl. He said he wouldn’t mind it since society was changing. Also, he said he wouldn’t mind  it if it helped in the rat race. How disgusting can one be!

This LGBT movement we spend so much time acclaiming today, is just another way of pandering to aberrations of the mind. We have forgotten the exhilaration which comes from mind and spirit. We seek distorted thrills from unnatural acts of the body. Why has this phenomenon escalated? Maybe our society, especially Indian society has become broken into units. People are isolated one from the other. If somebody is ill or even passes away in a flat, the neighbours are unaware or don’t care. It’s a mad race for money and success. People are lonely. Strange psychological twists of mind arise.  If being queer brings a bit of company---so be it. It is also an inexpensive way of life. Marriage and a family mean money and responsibility.

Please understand. I’m not against any gender. After all, in today’s world surgeons are turning men into women and the other way around. Then they get married. It’s just that I’d feel a bit weird if a ’transformed’ individual sat close to me. Do I sound racist? I’m not. By the way, a well-known film director once asked me if all Wiccans were ‘asexual’. I guess that means we don’t give that much importance to sex. We’re cold? No, it’s not that my dear. It’s just that we tread the straight and narrow.

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